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Jeanne In A Bottle Lavender Basket

Lavender Basket

Lavender Basket Contains: 1 Bottle of Lavender Body Spray, 1 Lavender Sachet, 1 Bag of Lavender Dead Sea Salt Bath, 1 Bottle of Lavender Lotion.

This Product Can Be Purchased At

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The Products Listed Below Can Be Purchased By Emailing Me At Or Private Messaging Me On My Facebook Page, Click To Link To Page, (Jeanne In A Bottle Inc.).  Product Prices Listed Do Not Include Shipping And Handling.




Lavender Spa Basket                                                                                                        

Lavender Spa Basket Includes:  1 Bottle Lavender Essential Oil Body Spray, 1 Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salts, A Lavender Sachet & Bath Scrubby.

$35.00 + Shipping

DSCN1940 (2).JPG

Perfume Bottle Gift Basket                                                                                                                                                               

Perfume Bottle Gift Basket Includes:  1 Glass Hummingbird Perfume Bottle, 1 Rose Sachet, 1 Tea Tree Dead Sea Bath Salts, 1 Lavender Dead Sea Bath Salts.

$40.00 + Shipping


Back Basket                                                                                                                                            

The Back Basket Includes:  1 Bottle Each Of Mint Mix Essential Oils, Eucalyptus Mix Essential Oils, Lavender Mix Essential Oils, and Chamomile Mix Essential Oils.

$45.00 + Shipping


Rose Basket

Rose Basket Includes: 1 Bottle of Rose Body Spray, 1 Bottle of Rose Room Spray, 1 Rose Sachet, 1 Bottle of Rose Lotion

$45.00 + Shipping

(All Baskets pictured are subject to change as far as colors, labeling and basket shapes, sizes etc.)

(Products Are Made With All Natural Essential Oils)



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